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My First Filo

Personal Finsbury! Just gorgeous, don't you think?

I’ve been looking for a planner for a while. I had a MomAgenda which is great but BIG! When I was going to eight different doctors and three different therapists for my daughter, I needed that kind of space but now everything seems to have slowed down.

I downsized to a Personal Raspberry Finsbury Filofax. I ordered a Pink because everyone seemed to be out of the Raspberry. Imagine my joy when I unwrapped a Raspberry just like I wanted. If I used pencils or ballpoint pens, all would be well. There’s enough space for all my appointments. I have a separate section for Notes. Another section is for addresses and phone numbers. Basically, all the stuff you want to haul around with you all day.

Most people would keep this info in their phone. And I do, except for appointments but I’ve got an iPhone. And the one constant of an iPhone is that when you really, REALLY, need it, the battery will be dead. Plus, I can’t abide inputting appointments into a phone. It’s always more fiddly than I’m open to.

The only trouble in paradise is that the paper is terrible. I can’t use any of my fountain pens on it. I might try to make my own paper or search out different inserts. I could always use other pens but that just seems wrong somehow. I’m especially disappointed since they (Filofax) sell fountain pens! But that is a rant for another day…


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