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Rhodia Problem

Stack of Rhodia journals

My "home" collection of Rhodia

I despise the scratchy sound that rough paper can make when you write on it. I am very specific in my paper needs and paper must be smooth. One of the companies that I like is Rhodia.

So I have a few Rhodia pads. Or maybe more than a few. I didn’t realize I had so many until I took this picture which doesn’t show all of the Rhodia’s that I have.

I have one (not pictured) for a giveaway that Karen from Exaclair generously gifted for that purpose. I have a stack at work for taking notes and writing call numbers. I’m apparently known for writing on grid paper at work which surprised me because I think of myself as more of a lined rule girl. Somewhere I have a blank Webbie that is also my ink journal but I don’t know where it is. I also have at least two in the trunk of my car. Just in case the revolution comes. And then there is my complete inability to leave a Reverse Book languishing in Target.

I have blank, lined, grid and dot ruled Rhodia pads. I occasionally dabble in black covers but prefer the orange. So today I stopped by the local Ultrecht Art store and they had some No. 18 pads on clearance because the covers were smudged. Half off for some black smudges that I hadn’t noticed before I got to the register! So my new lined and blank orange pads are on the bottom of the pile.



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New Years Resolutions

I’m a fan of New Years Resolutions. It’s an unpopular position it seems lately. People seem to pooh pooh the idea because so often we don’t end up making a real change or getting to the goal. I think it’s always nice to make your wants known to the universe. Who knows what will happen after that? But I digress…

So without further ado:

  1. Lose 30 pounds by the end of the year.
  2. Become more present at work.
  3. Blog 4 times a month.
  4. Read a bedtime story to my kids every night.
  5. Read or listen to a least one complete audiobook every month and then review it.
  6. Stop buying so much ink.
  7. Get one really nice pen with an italic nib.
  8. Spend less money on random things.

That’s it. I’m putting it out there. I hope that this year I have good luck with my resolutions. I’m really going to try and make these things a habit. Well, except for #7. I think my hubby would have my head if I made getting really nice pens a habit. I also want a vintage flex nib but that might have to wait until next year.

Starting the Strathmore Visual Journal class this week. Can’t wait to try and do a visual journal. It’ll be a real challenge for me because I am not an artist. Still I want to get in the habit of doing art even if it’s bad. Confront my fears and all that. I’m afraid to suck. So I’m going to go into this thing that I love even knowing that I might not be great at it. And I hope to learn that not being a great artist is okay and failure is okay and I’ll be alright either way. Secretly though, I hope to be decent and then get better.

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Thou Shall Not Shop


Indigo is a Canadian bookstore that I’ve never heard of before. Perusing the website makes it seem like a Borders or Barnes and Nobles here in the US. BUT, the important part for this paper, ink, pen junkie is that they are carrying super cool custom Moleskines.

I love maps. I love blue. I think I must have the custom Indigo Cartography Moleskines. Yes, even though I’ve got it on good authority that Moleskine paper is the devil. Yes, even though it is expensive. Yes, even though I have just gone on a shopping moratorium. It is so beautiful and fleeting. I need it. Like all Moleskines, it is overpriced but…

Did I mention that blue is my favorite color? Or that journals are my secret addiction? I could use this journal even if I have to not use my fountain pens. I could cut out magazine articles and use this journal for crafting. I could make a baby journal for my kids. I could do a lot of cool things if I only had this journal.

Maybe I should start singing “Santa Baby”….

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Another Webbie 3.0 Giveaway!

I am so geeked! I get to be one of the bloggers that Karen from Exaclair gave two of the new Webbies to. I have one FOR ME and one to give away FOR YOU!! Sorry, I’ll try to stay calm.

I have plans to do a review soon but I want to spend some time with both the Webbie and the ePure. I’m gonna do reviews of both of them and then have the giveaway.  Oh, you probably want details. I am really a fan of the Rhodia Orange. In this case, both Webbies are large, blank, and orange.

You’ll have to wait until the weekend for more. Stay tuned…

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Here’s where we get to the ranting. I had a journal. A lovely journal with lovely paper and excellent binding. It was from Paperchase and has since gone missing. So I did the reasonable, rational thing and went to get another one. Only another one wasn’t available that was just like the one I had. So I picked up one with a similar format with a different cover. Makes sense, right?

Except this one has a terrible binding. I didn’t bother to check but the first couple pages are stuck together. And, the paper isn’t lovely. It feathers something awful. Oh, and the pages don’t open flat. I don’t know why I was so surprised. I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this journal.

The question now is which journal to pick up? I have some plain journals like a Rhodia Webbie and a Rhodia A6 Pure but both of those have blank pages and I like lines for long term journalling. I have a Habana but that book seems thin. I just feel like I’d run out of pages in a month or so. I prefer to have a good chunk of my life in one place.

I live in a small town so I can’t just run out and get something amazing and I’m fairly picky about what I write on (and with). I don’t have plans to go to a big city until the holidays which is just too far away to wait for. However, if anyone knows of great pen/paper/ink stores in Orlando, Charlotte, or Houston then please let me know…

Looking for a lined journal with lots of pages, high quality paper, and a binding that lays flat. Bonus if it doesn’t say “Journal” on the front.

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