Rhodia Problem

Stack of Rhodia journals

My "home" collection of Rhodia

I despise the scratchy sound that rough paper can make when you write on it. I am very specific in my paper needs and paper must be smooth. One of the companies that I like is Rhodia.

So I have a few Rhodia pads. Or maybe more than a few. I didn’t realize I had so many until I took this picture which doesn’t show all of the Rhodia’s that I have.

I have one (not pictured) for a giveaway that Karen from Exaclair generously gifted for that purpose. I have a stack at work for taking notes and writing call numbers. I’m apparently known for writing on grid paper at work which surprised me because I think of myself as more of a lined rule girl. Somewhere I have a blank Webbie that is also my ink journal but I don’t know where it is. I also have at least two in the trunk of my car. Just in case the revolution comes. And then there is my complete inability to leave a Reverse Book languishing in Target.

I have blank, lined, grid and dot ruled Rhodia pads. I occasionally dabble in black covers but prefer the orange. So today I stopped by the local Ultrecht Art store and they had some No. 18 pads on clearance because the covers were smudged. Half off for some black smudges that I hadn’t noticed before I got to the register! So my new lined and blank orange pads are on the bottom of the pile.



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  1. Omg, this is totally gorgeous. I am a total Rhodia addict as well!

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