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Thou Shall Not Shop


Indigo is a Canadian bookstore that I’ve never heard of before. Perusing the website makes it seem like a Borders or Barnes and Nobles here in the US. BUT, the important part for this paper, ink, pen junkie is that they are carrying super cool custom Moleskines.

I love maps. I love blue. I think I must have the custom Indigo Cartography Moleskines. Yes, even though I’ve got it on good authority that Moleskine paper is the devil. Yes, even though it is expensive. Yes, even though I have just gone on a shopping moratorium. It is so beautiful and fleeting. I need it. Like all Moleskines, it is overpriced but…

Did I mention that blue is my favorite color? Or that journals are my secret addiction? I could use this journal even if I have to not use my fountain pens. I could cut out magazine articles and use this journal for crafting. I could make a baby journal for my kids. I could do a lot of cool things if I only had this journal.

Maybe I should start singing “Santa Baby”….


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