The Lamy Effect

I have a thing for Safari’s and Al-Stars. I have lots of them and they come and go. For instance, earlier today I wrote with my Ice Blue Al-Star. I know I did because I have a piece of paper to prove it. However, if asked to place my hand on that pen at any given time I wouldn’t be able to do it. Right now, I don’t know where that pen has gotten to.

My Lamy’s drift in and out of my life. I always seem to have one around. Right now, I have three at my office desk. They are all Al-Stars, so I have an M nibbed Black Purple, an M nibbed Raspberry, and an Aluminum colored EF. The Raspberry isn’t inked and has never been inked. It sits just in case I have to have a new color available to write with. (I know that’s weird. I’ve accepted this and moved on.)

Up until recently when it disappeared, I was writing a lot with a plain old blue Safari. I haven’t seen it in a few weeks. It will turn back up. One of the upsides to being the only person I know that likes fountain pens is that no one steals or borrows those pens. Still I don’t know why my Lamy’s like to disappear and reappear. Just one of those things…

Three Lamy Al-Stars

Three Lamy Al-Stars


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