Lost Journal Update

I probably would have mourned the loss of my journal for longer than I already have but two important moments happened today and I feel I must document them. So I went and bought a new Paperchase journal in a similar format from the local Borders.

The first big moment is that my daughter had her last day of Early Intervention today. For those that don’t know me, my daughter was born four months early at 1 pound 3 ounces. Because she was born so early and spent so long in hospitals, she has some delays. None particularly egregious (which is rare for a micropreemie) but she definitely needed some interventions.

The second is that my son had his first solid food today. I was a little hurt because my husband and the daycare provider gave him cereal. I had hoped to give him his first meal personally or to at least have been present. Still, I know that in the scheme of a lifetime this is a relatively small moment and we will have other special firsts just he and I.

I couldn’t let today pass without writing about my favorite boy and girl’s special accomplishments. Although, at this point I’m blogging about it and haven’t written about it but I know that I will.

In a related note, the daycare people hadn’t seen pictures from when she was in the hospital. People don’t really seem to get how small she was. The best picture, the one that really brings it home is her picture where she is wearing Chuck’s wedding ring as a bracelet. It is huge on her. That seems to set the scale appropriately for people. Unfortunately for me, some people take one look at that picture and start crying. That’s hard for me.  Happened today but I can’t blame them. Hell, it happens all the time.


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