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Inks to Buy

Rather than start a list somewhere in a journal, I’m going to post this here and add as necessary.

Caran d’Ache

De Atramentis

Florida Blue
Steel Blue


J. Herbin
1670 Rouge Hematite (on the way!)
Bouquet d’Anton
Eclat de Sapphir
Larmes de Cassis
Lierre de Sauvage

Bay State Blue
Cactus Eel
Kung Te Cheng (on the way!)

Private Reserve
DC Supershow Blue
Midnight Blues fast dry version
Tanzanite (Although I’ve heard this is a pen killer)
Tropical Blue

Rohrer & Klingner

Sailor Jentle

Florida Blue
South Seas Blue



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The Lamy Effect

I have a thing for Safari’s and Al-Stars. I have lots of them and they come and go. For instance, earlier today I wrote with my Ice Blue Al-Star. I know I did because I have a piece of paper to prove it. However, if asked to place my hand on that pen at any given time I wouldn’t be able to do it. Right now, I don’t know where that pen has gotten to.

My Lamy’s drift in and out of my life. I always seem to have one around. Right now, I have three at my office desk. They are all Al-Stars, so I have an M nibbed Black Purple, an M nibbed Raspberry, and an Aluminum colored EF. The Raspberry isn’t inked and has never been inked. It sits just in case I have to have a new color available to write with. (I know that’s weird. I’ve accepted this and moved on.)

Up until recently when it disappeared, I was writing a lot with a plain old blue Safari. I haven’t seen it in a few weeks. It will turn back up. One of the upsides to being the only person I know that likes fountain pens is that no one steals or borrows those pens. Still I don’t know why my Lamy’s like to disappear and reappear. Just one of those things…

Three Lamy Al-Stars

Three Lamy Al-Stars

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Lost Journal Update

I probably would have mourned the loss of my journal for longer than I already have but two important moments happened today and I feel I must document them. So I went and bought a new Paperchase journal in a similar format from the local Borders.

The first big moment is that my daughter had her last day of Early Intervention today. For those that don’t know me, my daughter was born four months early at 1 pound 3 ounces. Because she was born so early and spent so long in hospitals, she has some delays. None particularly egregious (which is rare for a micropreemie) but she definitely needed some interventions.

The second is that my son had his first solid food today. I was a little hurt because my husband and the daycare provider gave him cereal. I had hoped to give him his first meal personally or to at least have been present. Still, I know that in the scheme of a lifetime this is a relatively small moment and we will have other special firsts just he and I.

I couldn’t let today pass without writing about my favorite boy and girl’s special accomplishments. Although, at this point I’m blogging about it and haven’t written about it but I know that I will.

In a related note, the daycare people hadn’t seen pictures from when she was in the hospital. People don’t really seem to get how small she was. The best picture, the one that really brings it home is her picture where she is wearing Chuck’s wedding ring as a bracelet. It is huge on her. That seems to set the scale appropriately for people. Unfortunately for me, some people take one look at that picture and start crying. That’s hard for me.  Happened today but I can’t blame them. Hell, it happens all the time.

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Lost my Journal… :-(

I recently started journaling again after a long absence. I went through a really rough year and felt like I needed a place to put all the craziness now that things have settled down a bit. As a new mom, I don’t really have a lot of places that I go so it’s not like there are a lot of places to search. I’ve searched everywhere several times so probably the journal is long gone.

It was a really nice Paperchase journal in Hot Pink with owls on it. Most important (of course) were the entries I’d written in it. It was just details from my life and what I was thinking. Nothing that would be important to anyone other than me. Still it was VERY important to me and now it’s gone.

I have other journals but I’ve been in limbo waiting for this journal to turn back up. I didn’t want to get started on a new journal. I’m not the type to have two personal journals going at the same time. I like to have all my thoughts together in one place.

I’m going to make one final effort to search the Lost and Found at the University and then I’m going to go get another Paperchase. I had just gotten use to the cream colored paper and the wider rulings. Plus, it was really thick so I could write in it for a long time.

I’m sad. I started that journal shortly after I had my son. There will be other journals, I’m probably overreacting to be missing this particular one so much.

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Pink Decimo

Champagne Pink Decimo

Love, love, love, my champagne pink Decimo with the fine nib. Finally, I have a truly fine nib. I’m tempted to order a M nib so that I can see the difference in the Japanese M and a European M. My other M nibs are Lamy’s. I have small, tight handwriting so the Decimo makes it look beautiful in a Japanese F.I’ve found that my handwriting is different when using the M nibs.

I’m not a huge girly, pink, girl but the champagne pink is a classy, understated pink. Not crazy or outrageous. I think that I will need another Decimo. I have another Pilot pen, the Vortex but I’m not as in love. I hate the way that pen has a screw on cap. It also leaks like crazy with Iroshizuku Tsutsu-ji. But I digress…

My Pilot Decimo is a fairly dry writer with an F nib so it needs a wet ink. I’m not sure that I’ve found the perfect nib ink combo yet, with my next inking I will probably go with J. Herbin’s Poussiere de Lune. We’ll see how that works out.

In any case, I really like the Pilot VP Decimo. The placement of the clip doesn’t bother me at all with the way I hold a pen. I’m a lefty so YMMV. To sum up: I love this pen!

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