Clairefontaine Mlle No

I got this really weird set of notebooks from Goulet Pens. There are two types of artwork, Jungle and Manteau and two sizes for each, in magnetic and wirebound. This is a total of 6 combinations ( I have four). Jungle really is kinda conventional but Manteau has very strange artwork. The woman on the cover is festooned in animals. I will edit this post after I have taken a picture. I have both the wirebound and the magnetic versions of the journals in both prints but my favorite is definitely the Manteau print. It is just so as the French say étrange (strange).

I love the paper for fountain pens. It is smooth and thus far excellent for writing on with any pen. I haven’t seen any smudging even though I’m a southpaw. I really like this paper for writing with a fountain pen. Not that it’s a controversial thing to be a fan of Clairefontaine paper but I think that what makes these journals special is the artwork. Check out Goulet Pens if you want to purchase these journals.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I agree with you, this artwork is quite strange…..but in an interesting way. It’s very ‘French’, I guess would be a good way to put it! Clairefontaine actually has a whole line of products with this artwork, including handbags and wrapping paper. We only have these few notebooks here in the US, and even then I doubt they’ll be around for long. We Americans tend to like black covers.

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